Cloud Service

Unveil corporate momentum through cloud based digital transformation

About Cloud Services

Digitization is the language of the future. Cloud based solutions give you the leverage of technology and help you save time and effort on day to day business operations. While there are a number of cloud based service providers out there, it is vital to find the ideal match for your business because there is only an upward or a downward outcome to this. At Pashtek, we deliver the best customer SalesCloud experience your business needs. Deploying a customer centric approach, we host and manage your cloud based applications on a number of platforms such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. we, deliver better quality services and manage costs effectively with Pastek Cloud Services.

The Potential of Cloud Service

Placing all your customer information in one place, we give you the power to perform, make quick decisions and generate leads that matter.

Key Features of Pashtek Cloud Services

Give your business the benefit of the cloud. Our cloud services adorn the following features.

Reliable, reproductive, and responsive cloud solutions for your business.

The Pashtek cloud solutions offer a host of tech based programs that digitize your business operations in a user friendly and cost effective manner. Our AI backed cloud based solutions are customizable to meet varied business and corporate needs. Our team of experts develops cloud based solutions for your business and are constantly in the process of innovating tech through constant improvements and updates. Go mobile, go digital and go to the cloud in a seamless way, that is structured, user friendly and reduces costs of operations like never before.

  • Data migration: Seamlessly migrate your data and execute complex integrations in no time with our cloud based sales force solutions.
  • Countdown timer: Prioritize customer service-level commitments and stay ahead using our count down timer. We help you respond to customers on the channels they prefer.
  • One dashboard: Stay ahead of it all through the interactive dashboard where you can glance at all the activities in the case feed.
  • Structured integration: Get a single, one page view of all cases in real time. Make instant decisions and quick actions on what’s most important by sorting through channel, status, and priority.
  • Timely deliverables: Deliver exceptional, interactive and quick client services with a short wait time. Make the most of high first call resolution, extended support hours and unyielding salesforce support.
  • 24/7 customer support: We hold your hand to and through it all. You can reach out to our experts round the clock in a minimalistic way.