Bitbucket using CircleCI, Continuous Integration for Salesforce

Follow below to see how you can start using CircleCI yourself!

  1. Create new salesforce developer org using below URL      
  2. Wait for the email and set your password Click on the link in the email and continue with setting up the password and security question.
  3. Get your security token from new org My Settings → Reset My Security Token → Click Reset Security Token. New security token will be sent to your mail.
  4. Put your org details to file. Example bitbucket repository URL :
  5. Download Sourcetree App  Install it. After installing Sourcetree click Clone/New add you repository source path/URL. Eg:
  6. Add your new Changes and push to you bitbucket.
  7. Create a new account in CircleCI using bitbucket. Go to Project → AddProject → Select your bitbucket project → Choose your language → Save.
  8. Now your project with work whenever you’re updating in Bitbucket.
  9. Go back to Atlassian Sourcetree and stage the Uncommitted changes to the build properties file. Press Control-Shift-C to commit, provide a comment and press the commit button. Afterward, press the push button in the toolbar and check the branch, then click OK to push.
  10. We’ve already connected CircleCI to our Bitbucket project and we’re following our repo with CircleCI. Notice CircleCI already picked up the commit in seconds and runs the Deploy and Run All Tests for our code into the Salesforce Org credentials we provided in the Check it out and give it a try!  Hope you enjoy!
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