Creating intelligent ecosystems that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds!

About IoT

Internet of Things or IoT as we know is no longer just a concept but present the smallest aspects of technology in businesses. From doorbell cameras to voice controlled speakers, mobile phones to smart refrigerators, companies are leaving a mark on the timeline of technological advancements every minute!

The Potential of IoT

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Why choose Pashtek!

At Pashtek, we develop some of the smartest of the smart devices and IoT application developments that will give your business a label of success.

Connecting data from every device, sensor and website with Salesforce, we help you get a more complete view of your customers and their engagements. The Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities – but only to companies that are ready for it. That’s because while it can be a rich source of information, getting access to information in itself achieves very little.

Thus, we help you develop IoT mobile applications, and other IoT development services to help your business get the competitive edge it needs!

Redefine asset tracking, monitoring systems, wearables, workforce smart dashboard and more with Pashtek IoT!