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Unleash the extreme potential of your Salesforce solutions with Pashtek Salesforce Development.

Grow your business with SalesForce!

When you opt for Salesforce for your business, you opt for optimized business process flows, better internal communication, better customer relationship and retention, and increased sales and productivity. We develop Salesforce solutions for your entire business, salesforce for individual departments with industry specific workflows, or customized CRM for customer management with customized application development.

The Potential of Salesforce!

Salesforce CRM helps businesses in a number of ways, including reducing the cost of sales, improving customer relationships, and helping businesses build sustainable relationships. Businesses are increasingly including CRM technology to improve turning their lead generation into sales. Although CRM is not one sized fit all solution, its increasingly become an important tool for businesses.

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Pashtek Salesforce Development Services

Your business has varied objectives, and we have a Salesforce tool for each one of them. From developing applications to Apex development, Lightning components to Triggers, API integrations to Mobile Application development, we have got you covered.

Lightning Component

Build super responsive applications that are suitable for any device and built to perfection based on custom requirements. With the Pashtek Lightning framework, we develop front end applications that are pixel perfect and lightning ready. Give you customers an unforgettable experience with user-centric applications to fit your business needs. Automate your business process and experience applications that are a perfect fit for your business process and requirements.

Apex Development

The Pashtek Apex Application Development is a fully managed, easily integrated, low-code application development program that will help in builded and deploying modern, tech savvy and data driven applications for the SalesCloud. Easily executing flow and transaction control statements on the Lightning Platform server, it helps in adding business logic to most system events. With the help of Apex, our experienced developers can create any kind of complex applications, customize existing apps based on business requirements and is an ideal framework for building SaaS applications.

API Integrations

With the help of API integrations, we can connect any other business application with the SalesForce main component with ease and effectiveness.  With API it is easy to integrate legacy systems with third party database and applications on any scale. Thus, make the most of your Salesforce platform with easy data migration across previous software versions or platform solutions in no time. It is time to get growing with the help of seamless API integrations across multiple platforms and making the most of your SalesForce portal.

Custom Application Development

Your Business needs are unique, and so should be the backend team that helps it grow! Our experience team helps you make informed decisions, cut costs and leverage technology by developing custom applications that are ideal for your business process and operations. We develop customer centric solutions, automate your sales and business processes, manage marketing services and streamline your operations workflow with the help of custom application solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Whether it is your employees, customers or partners, we develop mobile application algorithms that will work seamlessly and provide a user experience that is unique and unforgettable. Bring your business on the the palm with mobile applications that help you access your business data, interact with customers, generate leads and manage business process in real time, from anywhere! Mobile applications are the most conducive ways of going digital and helps you increase user engagement like never before and thereby retain customers effectively.

App Exchange App Development

A one of its kind market place for every Salesforce related product out there, we are a SalesForce App exchange certified partner. Developing custom cloud based Salesforce solutions for our clients, we also have pre-designed and developed AppExchange SalesForce products that are architected to address the basic SalesForce needs of every enterprise such as project management, Fraud investigation and the likes. Helping you develop your own AppExchange applications, we are here to serve you in every way we can!

Benefits of Salesforce development

  • Improve customer experience
  • User-friendly application development
  • Unique Mobile Application Development
  • Enhanced Integrations
  • Better customer relationships and lead conversions
  • Conducive and cost effective
  • Digital migration

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