About Us

Company Overview

Pashtek is an all-encompassing business solutions provider in Chandler, Arizona. We specialize in cost effective IT software designs that transcend organizational boundaries to enable your business to share information efficiently. Our customized software development model helps our customers make timely decisions that meet their budget.

Our customers receive exceptional returns on investment with enhanced enterprise Business Solutions. We offer a variety of industry specific verticals designed for companies of all sizes. Our portfolio is a comprehensive mix of software services with a focus on health care, education, and business application. We delivery highly scalable solutions not only to simplify business processes, but also improve operational efficiency.

Pashtek’s technical team continuously focuses on new advancements in technology and is always equipped to provide timely solutions to our customers using state of the art and emerging technologies. We maintain high quality standards and practices in software development. Pashtek does not compromise quality in pursuit of more business. Our emphasis is on quality in all areas of development and delivery.

Why Pashtek?

Customer-Oriented Approach

Our primary goal is to increase value at every level within your business. This helps to both reduce costs and increase service while you focus on core competencies of your business.

Seamless Communication

We make communication and collaboration a priority. We share your passion for business and enjoy cultivating our relationship.

Reasonable Cost

Our office in India allows us to pay higher salaries while we offer lower rates. Our quality and speed of service provide an excellent return on your investment.

Best Practices

Our best practices include product vision, product scope, stakeholder integration, and milestone approach. Our projects delivered in the last two years distinguish Pashtek as experts in the field.

Qualified Expertise

Our developers are highly skilled in various technologies and create customized solutions for your needs. We provide core development at an affordable cost.

Convenient Locations

Between our office in the United States and our Development Center in India, we are an “around the clock” operation.

Comprehensive Solution

All products are completed within the budget and timeline and reflect our commitment to high quality standards.


We are committed to delivering high quality tools and applications to clients and maintaining strong relationships and idea sharing to achieve business goals.

Our Relationship

Our customer find communication easier with us than the competition. We understand subtitles of doing business your way and share the passion for business and look forward to building a strong relationship.

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