SAP – System Applications and Products

SAP stands for System Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP is the market leader in ERP software and helps companies of all sizes. SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes.

Best Service We Ever Used!

“At Pashtek, we specialize in providing SAP solutions and services across a wide range of industries. Our deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities allows us to tailor our offerings to meet the unique needs of each sector. Here are some of the top industries we cover:


Drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity with our SAP solutions tailored for the manufacturing sector, from discrete to process and lean manufacturing.


Transform your retail operations with SAP solutions that enhance customer experience, streamline supply chains, and optimize inventory management.


Enhance patient care and improve operational efficiency with our SAP solutions for the healthcare industry, focusing on patient engagement, supply chain management, and analytics.

Energy and Utilities

Navigate the complexities of the energy sector with SAP solutions designed to optimize asset management, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance customer service.

Financial Services

Strengthen financial performance and compliance, enhance risk management, and deliver superior customer experiences with our tailored SAP solutions for the banking and financial services industry

High Tech

Keep pace with the rapid changes in the high-tech industry with SAP solutions that support innovation, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction.


RISE with SAP Implementation
Managed Services
Staffing & Resource Augmentation
Application Management Services (AMS)
Upgrade & Migration
Custom Development
Integration Services
Data Analytics & Insights
RISE with SAP Implementation

Guide your enterprise through a comprehensive transformation with RISE with SAP. We provide a strategic roadmap and expert execution to ensure a seamless transition to a more agile and resilient business model.

Managed Services

End-to-end support for your SAP landscape, including routine maintenance, proactive improvements, and ensuring optimal system performance to support your business operations.

Staffing & Resource Augmentation

Access specialized skills for project-specific needs or augment your team with additional resources to meet your business objectives. Our staffing solutions offer the talent and flexibility you need.

Application Management Services (AMS)

 Ensure the reliability and peak performance of your SAP applications with our AMS. We provide comprehensive support, from daily operations and troubleshooting to enhancements and continuous improvement.

Upgrade & Migration

Keep your systems up-to-date and secure with our upgrade and migration services, ensuring your SAP technologies align with your business goals and deliver maximum value.

Custom Development

Customize your SAP systems with bespoke solutions that enhance functionality, efficiency, and business outcomes, tailored to your unique operational needs.

Integration Services

Create seamless connectivity across your enterprise applications. Our integration services ensure that your SAP systems work cohesively with your broader IT ecosystem, enhancing data flow and operational efficiency.

Data Analytics & Insights

Leverage your data for a competitive edge. Our services in data analytics and insights help you unlock the strategic value of your data, leading to informed decision-making and business growth.

Our Solutions

SAP Fiori

Enhance user experience with SAP Fiori. Our solutions focus on designing intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that improve productivity and user satisfaction.

By using the SAP Fiori design guidelines and tools that we use at SAP, you can easily build and customise your own apps that are consistent with what we ship with SAP S/4HANA and our other enterprise software solutions.

  • Improve user satisfaction while increasing productivity and data quality
  • Work from anywhere with optimised native mobile and responsive Web apps
  • Adapt and scale development quickly using UI flexibility and rapid development


Revolutionize your customer experience with C/4HANA. Our solutions help you manage the entire customer journey, integrating marketing, sales, commerce, and service into a seamless experience.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Cloud

Unlock actionable insights with our Business Intelligence and Analytics Cloud solutions. Make data-driven decisions that drive growth and operational excellence.

SAP SuccessFactors

A cloud-based human capital management solution for HR processes, including core HR, payroll, talent management, and analytics.

Why Choose Pashtek for SAP Services?

What Includes In Service
  • Comprehensive Expertise: With deep knowledge across all SAP solutions and industries, we’re equipped to handle any challenge.
  • Customized Solutions: Our strategies are tailor-made to meet your business’s unique needs and objectives.
  • Innovative Approach: We leverage the latest SAP technologies to give you a competitive advantage.
  • Proven Track Record: Our history of successful projects and customer satisfaction speaks for itself.
  • Strategic Partnership: More than just a service provider, we are your ally in navigating the complexities of digital transformation.