Offline Mobile App

Salesforce Mobile Software development kit that provides useful features for Smart Store of data to mobile users – offline.

About Offline Mobile App

Offline mobile applications are most powerful, important and yet – difficult feature of modern mobile business apps. These ensure that users can use the applications without having to worry about a server signal or wifi. Making data and vital information available offline is one of the most attractive features one can offer to it’s clients, partners and customers!

Pashtek offer this crucial feature of Offline Mobile App development!

How it Works?

All data requests in SmartSync apps are asynchronous. “Asynchronous” means that every time you click to sync the data, the server responds in a call-back method that you pre-define.

Each sync-down or sync-up method call returns a synced data that contains the following information:

  • Sync operation ID. You can check the progress of the operation at any time by passing this ID to the sync manager – GET Sync Status method.
  • Your sync parameters (soup name, target for sync down operations, options for sync up operations).
  • Type of operation (up or down).
  • Progress percentage (integer, 0–100).

What if the user needs to be able to create, update or delete data?

  • Any time a record is inserted or deleted in the app, a local copy of that record is inserted or deleted and a queue record is created too.
  • If the app is online, the record can be inserted or deleted in immediately and the queue record can be deleted simultaneously.
  • Since the queue record isn’t deleted until a successful response is received from the Salesforce API, this ensures that no data will be lost regardless of whether the device is online, offline, or has a bad connection and a synchronization error occurs during a data transfer.