Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud

  • Education Cloud is a leading platform that empowers your institution to become a Connected Campus, so you can transform the student journey.
  • The Education cloud is an extensive software system that covers all administration and operations of the educational institution.
  • An upgrade in education can give students the best possible opportunity to thrive in the global economy.
  • It eliminates the need for multiple software systems as it is a one-package system.

The five elements which help to create sustainable improvements in education are

  1. Curriculum and assessment
  2. Professional development
  3. Information Communications Technology
  4. Research and evaluation
  5. Policy

Reason For Choose Education Cloud:

  • Eliminates inefficiency and support fees with one fully integrated education cloud-based management system for all school management functions.
  • Enable more efficient human resources management.
  • Increased productivity at every level of the enterprise with SaaS design provides secure access anywhere, anytime.
  • Private cloud-based SaaS model greatly diminishes on-premises network operations center equipment, licensing and maintenance costs.

Benefits & Features

What are the benefits/results of the Education Cloud?

As per insights from customers and the total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting, the Cloud boasts of

11% increase in enrolment

38% faster response to student needs

40% increase in student engagement

60% reduction in Information Technology expenses

80% improvement in staff productivity

195% ROI with a 7 month payback period

$2.4M total legacy cost savings

Increase in alumni and donor involvement and fund

Salesforce Education Cloud Features:

  • A Holistic View Of Stakeholders
  • Effective, Customized/ Personalized Communications
  •  Marketing & Enrolment Automation
  • Grant & Loan Application Management
  • Supports Students
  • Multi-Department Collaboration
  • Nurtured Relationships

The Education cloud features are