Financial Services Cloud

About Financial Services Cloud

The Financial Services Cloud, powered by Salesforce, is an integrated platform designed to drive stronger financial relationships that last longer. A financial services platform is considered the future of wealth management, as it nurtures financial relationships deeper with proactive tracking, reminding organizations about their client’s needs.

This platform helps financial advisors save time and effort by avoiding gathering information about the clients and spending more time on the things in which they are brilliant, like goal-based advice and investment advice, which ultimately helps clients grow their businesses.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

With Salesforce financial services cloud, you will get
  • An opportunity to match the dreams with your client’s goals
  • Get a 360 overview of your book of business
  • Automate the daily processes
  • Connect with clients from any device anytime
  • Manage the client’s entire financial life smoothly.

Financial Services Cloud Overview

Main features of Financial Services Cloud

1. Advisor Analytics. Financial Services Cloud has Einstein Analytics artificial intelligence layer with five analytics dashboards embedded in the app:

  • Client list: Displays a list of clients that can be filtered according to different criteria.
  • 80/20: Automatically displays a list of the clients who generate the top 80% of revenue.
  • Activities: Assists you in determining how you interact with clients and which activities influence client relationships, allowing you to identify opportunities to improve client engagement.
  • Financial accounts: Analyzing the various types of financial accounts and securities in your business books allows you to respond quickly to market conditions.
  • Client goals: Measure client goals so you can spot trends and create tasks or opportunities to help keep your clients on track.

A Few Challenges with Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud does not support Person Accounts and a new org should be created.

We can upgrade the existing org (Non-Person Accounts), but account and contact records of individuals need to be recreated because Financial Services Cloud does not allow changes to record type.