Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based CRM solution for medical providers and other healthcare professionals. The platform allows providers to build comprehensive patient profiles that lead to better provider-patient relationships, more thoughtful and informed care decisions, increased engagement throughout the care process, and better data management.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud to providers

The Salesforce Health Cloud is not a replacement for the Electronic Health Records common with most providers. Instead, it provides an ability to achieve a patient-centered approach to care by unlocking legacy systems and incorporating apps in a more compliant and flexible platform with insights.

5 Key Features of Health Cloud

Health Cloud contains several robust features that help providers manage patient care.

How does the Salesforce Health Cloud help hospitals?

The Salesforce Health Cloud is a software program designed to help hospitals manage and improve the quality of care they provide. The cloud-based system allows hospitals to collaborate and share information. It also helps hospitals to decrease the time it takes to collect, store, and analyze data. The Salesforce Health Cloud is designed to help with the following: 

  • Patient referrals
  • Patient Registration
  • Hospital billing
  • Patient lab results
  • Patient follow-up
  • Patient discharge
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient satisfaction and complaints
  • Patient care plans
  • Patient care plans and goals
  • Patient care plans and interventions
  • Patient care plans and outcomes
  • Patient care plans and outcomes for quality, safety, and experience
  • Patient care plans and outcomes for cost
How is Salesforce Health Cloud different from other healthcare software solutions?

Unlike other healthcare software solutions, Salesforce Health Cloud provides a complete round-the-clock patient record, including medical history, medications, and allergies. Additionally, Salesforce Health Cloud offers a secure messaging system that allows healthcare providers to communicate with each other and patients. This helps immensely with how healthcare services move forward in a technology-based society. We’re improving our services daily to ensure that the medical industry is on the path toward greater heights.