Sales Cloud

About Sales Cloud

“Sales Cloud” refers to the “sales” module at It includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, Products, Price books, Quotes, and Campaigns (limits apply). It has features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules. It is unique compared to other sales methods as it provides both the account information of the customer and the information gathered from the social platforms about the product and customer.


Make Insightful Decisions
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Wave: End-to-End Analytics
Close More Deals
  • Management Contact
  • Management Opportunity
  • Inbox Salesforce
  • Engage Salesforce
  • Collaboration Sales
Get More Leads
  • Management Lead
  • Automation Marketing
  • Data Sales
  • Management Partner
Accelerate Productivity
  • Lightning Dialer
  • Mobile
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Lightning Sales Console
  • Email Integration
  • Files Sync & Sahre

Following are the Key business Goals achieved by using the Sales Cloud.

Key Features of Sales Cloud

Mobile Sales Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a mobile sales solution that helps sales teams stay connected and productive while on the go. The mobile app gives users access to critical sales data and features, so they can log calls, manage opportunities, and check dashboards away from the office.

Process Automation

You can use Visual Workflow to quickly create and automate processes for deals, discounts, expenses, and more. And flexible approvals processes let you customize approvals for different types of sales and transactions. With Sales Cloud, you can close deals faster and align your entire company around your customers.

Build Stronger Relationships with the following features

Sometimes keeping track of all your contacts, knowing when you last talked to them, and remembering what you need to follow up on can be a challenge. Fortunately, Sales Cloud can help. With Sales Cloud features, you can easily keep track of all your contacts, schedule follow-up calls and emails, and track your progress over time. Best of all, Sales Cloud integrates with your existing CRM system so that you can access all your sales information in one place.

Account and Contact Management

The Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with everything they need to manage their accounts and contacts. The software gives users a complete view of their customers, including activity history and key contacts. In addition, the Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with insights from these social media sites within the software.

Opportunity Management
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a complete view of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. You can see the stage, products, competition, quotes, and more.
  • Opportunity Management is an excellent tool for sales teams of all sizes. You have everything you need to close more deals and grow your business with it.
Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers a variety of reports and dashboards to give you a real-time picture of your business. Dashboards provide an overview of your business, while detailed reports let you dig deeper into specific areas. You can access your reports and dashboards from anywhere, making it easy to keep track of your business no matter where you are.

Pipeline and Forecast Management

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is a powerful tool for sales teams. One of its key features is pipeline and forecast management. With it, sales managers can keep a real-time view of the health of their business, stay up to speed on their team’s pipeline, and improve forecast accuracy. As a result, it helps sales teams to be more efficient and effective in their work.

Additional helpful features

Activity Management
  • Instantly enter emails into Salesforce.
  • Keep all of your emails, contacts, and calendars synchronized.
  • Automatically capture and organize data to save time.
Files Sync and Share
  • Work on a variety of files both within and outside with teams and clients.
  • Utilize a simple filter to find files and information.
  • By posting the newest information, you may avoid errors.
Salesforce Engage
  • Communicate with the prospects by using nurturing tracks and a library of marketing-approved email templates.
  • Representatives may quickly monitor and manage the progress of their campaigns thanks to interactive, graphical dashboards.
  • Utilize Activities Tracker to learn about client activities and interests.
Sales Collaboration
  • Uncover sales possibilities and advance the cause, by collecting all the data in a single location.
  • Aids in locating the appropriate data and people in accordance with your activity and interests.
  • Update anything from a mobile device. (Collaborate Anywhere).
 Territory Management
  • Determine which works better by using territorial modeling.
  • Impose a single regulation over many territories.
  • Determine territorial users based on their roles.
Partner Management
  • Quickly create your partner ecosystem.
  • Create successful co-marketing campaigns together and control marketing development money with ease.
  • Access data, insights, and KPIs wherever you are. Aids in quick decision-making.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Owing to its multiple and business-centric features, you can draw numerous benefits for your organization.

While mounting data volume is a big challenge, proper data management and filtering out redundant data to get organized information is a big challenge. This entire renovation is possible by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with your business.

CRM software helps to segregate vital customer and business data so that you can use it to make well-informed business decisions. Your reps can extract the information in just a few clicks and connect with the customers easily.

Sales Cloud enables you to know about them better, thus making way for loyal and longtime customers. It also lets your reps rely less on the guesswork and act promptly on establishing long time customer relationships. Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are critical in endorsing the customer-for-life approach.

Sales Cloud Einstein is one of the foremost advantages of relying on Salesforce CRM. The AI tool includes robust features to add wings to your business tasks, thus ensuring enhanced efficiency and productivity. It allows your sales, marketing and customer service teams to collect valuable data from various internal and external sources.

You can automate your recurring and repetitive business tasks via Salesforce Sales cloud that otherwise require considerable human resources.

Specifically, you can leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized campaigns across assorted marketing channels.

It reduces your operating costs and resource allocation while ensuring maximum productivity.

Understanding customer behavior and expectations are paramount in the modern-day digital world.

Executing this objective with finesse makes it easier for businesses to interact with potential visitors, attract them and convert them into leads.

If you, too, wish to sophisticate your business processes through Salesforce, we can assist your cause. All you need to do is just let us know your concern, and we will quickly answer your query.