How to create custom object in Salesforce?


The containers that give us a structure for storing data in Salesforce are called objects. The object’s data can be accessed by a user using queries, insert, updates, and deletions.

Salesforce Objects

There are two types of objects in salesforce

1. Standard Object

2. Custom Object

Standard objects appear by default in the Salesforce org and we cannot modify the name of the object and delete it. Salesforce gives us the option of creating custom objects so that we can make some changes as required.

Creating Custom Object In Salesforce

Step 1: Login our Salesforce Account and Click the Setup button.

Step 2: Click on the Object Manager Tap.

Step 3: Click the Create drop-down menu and then the Custom Object option on the Object Manager Page.

Step 4: A New Custom Object Page Will Open

Step 5 : Complete the details such as the Label, Object Name, and other information.

Step 6: Select the Following deployment modes

Step 7: Select any option as required on the following Steps

Step 8: After completing the subsequent steps, click the Save button.