Email to case in salesforce service cloud

Case object
A case object is the same as other standard objects in the sales force. The case object is the container in which our company’s customers’ complaints,queries, and requests are stored. The case object allows us to keep track of customer needs and assists the support agent in processing them.

Email to case

Emailing a case helps us automatically create case records in the case object. Whenever the customer sends an email to the registered email address, the email to the case automatically creates a record with populated values in the case fields.

Steps to create an email to case

1. Click the gear icon and select Setup.

2. From the quick find box enter email to case and then click on it.
3. Click edit and enable the email to case check box.

4. Click on the New button from the Routing Addresses related list.

5. Provide the required details and click save.

6. Salesforce sends a request to verify the email address.

7. Verify the email address by clicking the link sent to your email id.

8. automatically created the below email service address for you

9. Goto your registered email address and then click the setting icon.

10. Click on the “Add a forwarding address” button.
11. Add the forwarding address we got from salesforce then click next and proceed.

12. After that an verification code is sent to your case object through a record.

13. Enter the verification code in the  forwarding address and verify.

14. Now test it by sending an email to the email address with subject and description. Finally we are able to see the  record created with the same subject and description in the case object.