How To Create A Task In HubSpot CRM


In the realm of efficient customer relationship management, the ability to manage tasks seamlessly is paramount. HubSpot CRM’s intuitive platform provides users with the tools to effortlessly create tasks, ensuring that important to-do items are never overlooked. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of creating tasks in HubSpot CRM, helping you enhance your productivity and stay organized.

Step 1: Log in to HubSpot:

Access your HubSpot account by visiting the HubSpot website and logging in with your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Tasks Dashboard:

In the top navigation bar, click on the “Sales”  tab. In the drop-down menu, select “Tasks.”

Step 3: Create a New Task:

Once in the Tasks dashboard, click on the “Create task” button. This will open a new task window.

Step 4: Fill in Task Details:

In the task window, you’ll need to provide the following information:

Task NameGive the task a descriptive name.
Contact or CompanyAssociate the task with a specific contact or company from your CRM database.
Due DateSet a due date for the task.
Task Type/CategoryChoose a task type or category to help classify the task (e.g., Call, Follow-up, Meeting).
PriorityIndicate the task’s priority level (High, Medium, Low).
DescriptionProvide additional details about the task if needed.

Step 5: Assign the Task:

You can assign the task to yourself or to a team member. Use the “Assign to” dropdown to select the appropriate person.

Step 6: Set Reminders:

If you want to receive reminders for the task, you can set up notifications. Choose when you’d like to be reminded, such as on the due date or a specific time before the due date.

Step 7: Link to Associated Records:

You can link the task to associated records, such as deals, contacts, or companies. This helps maintain context and connections within your CRM.

Step 8: Save the Task:

After inputting all the necessary information, click the “Save” or “Create” button to save the task. It will now be added to your task list in HubSpot CRM.

Step 9: Manage and Complete Tasks:

As you work on and complete tasks, you can update their status within the CRM. Mark tasks as “Completed” once they’re finished.

Step 10: View Task Details:

Click on a specific task to view its details. You can edit task details, update its status, and add notes or comments.