Product Rules in CPQ

       As for the product rules in CPQ, we are using this feature to validate the quote line record (or) related records. Using this product rules feature, we can create an error condition record to validate or make an alert when the record is created or updated.

        The product rules feature is the same as the AND or OR condition. Let’s test this feature on CPQ.

Step 1: Go to the app launcher and open the Salesforce CPQ application.

Step 2: Go to the Product Rules tab and create a new product rule record.

Step 3: Go to the related list tab and create an error condition record. Here, we are going to create two more conditions.

Condition 1– product code should be CLOUDSTORAGE

Condition 2 – account industry should be healthcare. 

You can also use the summary variable instead of using hardcoded values on condition.

Step 4: Open the quote record → click the Edit Lines button, and it will get redirected

to the quote line page.

Step 5: From there, you can add your product as you want. Our product rule will be enforced if the condition is met.

        We can use the default quote record – Q-00038.

When you try to save the record, it will throw an error as we are trying to add a cloud storage product.