Profile in Salesforce

It defines the objects that a user can access as well as the settings and permissions for various functions in Salesforce. Profiles are those which defines user’s  to perform different functions like settings and permissions in salesforceTypes of Profiles in Salesforce.

Note : A Profile can have many users but the User can have only one Profile assigned to him.

 We have two types of profiles they are

1. Standard Profile.

2. Custom Profile.

  • Standard Profile: Profiles created by are called Standard Profiles.
  • Custom Profiles: Profiles created by users are called Custom Profiles.

Profile can control the following function

  • We can set Page Layouts accessible to a particular user.
  • We can set Objects like standard objects and custom objects accessible to particular users in salesforce.
  • We can set field Level Security using Profiles.
  • Record types can be set by using profiles.
  • Apex classes accessibility can be set using profiles.
  • Visualforce pages can be set using profiles to users.
  • Custom Apps and Tabs can be restricted to particular users.
  • Login Hours and IP ranges can be set for which the user can Login.

The following steps are create a Profile:

Step 1: Go to setup and select Profile in Quick find box.

Step 2: Click  New profile

Step 3: Enter profile from pick list which is shown below and select user license and finally give profile name.

Step 4: Save the Profile.

Step 5:  After saving Profile we observe that the profile we created is Custom profile and the checkbox is checked.