Scheduling appointment in FSL

FSL provides the feature of scheduling appointments for customers. When customers want to get technicians, they will contact the respective service agents, and they will schedule the technicians for the particular customer. While work orders describe the work to be performed, service appointments provide the scheduling and assignment details.

Schedule the Appointment:

To schedule the appointment, we need essential records as follows:

  • workOrder
  • Operating hours
  • Service territory
  • Service resource
  • service appointment.


When a customer requests the resource, the service agent will get the order first and then find the service resource. A work order tracks work to be performed for a customer. A work order tracks work to be performed for a customer.

To create an work order,

Go to work order tab → new 

Operating Hours:

        Operating hours describe the working time of the resource. Based on the operating hours the service agent will schedule the work for them.

While creating the operating hours we also need to create time slot records. This record only stores the weekly work schedule.

Go to related tap from operating hours → create new time slot

Service territory:

        We store the resource location details on a territory object. When we search for the resource it will bring the resource based on the territory location.

        While creating a territory record, don’t forget to give the address details in the address field. Because when searching for technicians from the component, the results will be shown based on customer location and technician location.

        When you create the territory record,  please enable the active checkbox. Then only you can access this record.

To create territory record,

Go to service territory tab → new

Service Resource:

        Go to service resource tab → new to create a new record, while creating a new service resource, please add the location record that contains the region details.

First create a location record,

While creating the location record don’t forget to enable the active checkbox.

Then create a service resource record and don’t forget to activate the record,

Note: When you create a service resource and select the correct user, only the service resource will be visible on the component. Because of the permission of the user, they won’t be visible.

Schedule appointment:

FSL provides the lightning component to schedule the appointment, we can use that component to schedule the resource.

Create new case Record → edit page → add appointment booking communities

Note: If you are using a custom operating hours record, then please select that record on the field service settings option.

Go to fei Field service settings → Global Actions →  Appointment Booking 

Default scheduling policy: Customer First

Default operating hours: Your operating hour record

When clicking the Get Appointments button you will see a list of available time slot records that relate to the service resource. From there you can schedule your desired time slot.

Service appointment:

        After scheduling the service resource, the service appointment record will be created.

Then go to the field service tab → select the service appointment record and then you will see the available resources based on your territory and time.

        From here,  you can access resource details and appointment details and we can edit the appointment if you want.