Time Based on Quarter Minutes in Flows

The formula field datatype is used for assigning this field in the flows. Also the Formula field supports different kind of functions.

Create Screen Flow

  • We use datetime field in the screen.

  • To use the below mentioned formula for Create a Local Formula field in flow resource.
 LEFT(TEXT({!DateTime}),11) + LPAD(
   TEXT( VALUE( MID(TEXT({!DateTime}),12,2) ) 
    + IF( VALUE(MID(TEXT({!DateTime}),15,2)) > 44, 1, 0) ), 2, "0") 
 + IF( VALUE( MID(TEXT({!DateTime}),15,2)) <15, ":15",IF( VALUE( MID(TEXT({!DateTime}),15,2)) <30, ":30", IF( VALUE( MID(TEXT({!DateTime}),15,2)) <45, ":45", ":00")))+ ":00Z"

Note: Replace the {!DateTime} value as per your respective field.

  • Then create a additional screen with display text field to show the result. In this screen assign the formula field as default value to the display text field.

  • Finally, to run the flow, we are able to notice that the time gets rounded up based on quarter minutes.

  • Click on Roundup Time Button