Appointment Scheduling For Nurses

The project’s goal is to Build An App of Appointment Scheduling For Nurses

This is a Healthcare project. The goal of this project is to make the patient as comfortable as possible. It offers patients the ability to schedule appointments. It enables them to locate nearby nurses and schedule the nurse at a specific time.

It also provides the option for nurses to make a weekly or monthly schedule. The nurses can make a prior schedule for a week or month. Using this schedule, one can find the nurse’s availability.

The Requirement

The requirement is to schedule an appointment with the desired nurse. By using this component, patients can find nearby nurses for their treatment, and then they can schedule an appointment with the desired nurse. 

Our Approach

Here we are using two LWC components, namely,

  • Nurse Availability Schedule
  • Schedule Appointment

The nurses can schedule their availability in advance using the Nurse Availability Schedule component. Only these nurses will be available when a patient searches for a nurse in the Schedule Appointment component.

Nurse Availability Schedule

As you know already, this project offers a feature for the nurse to make a weekly or monthly schedule. Nurses can make their schedules from their contact records. 

This can be done by simply clicking on the “My Schedule” button from their contact record, which loads the availability schedule component.

Contact Record  → My Schedule(Button)

Note: The contact record’s type should be “nurse.”

Component Structure

Component features
  1. Schedule the Availability.
  2. Access Existing Schedule.
  3. Record Status Badge
  4. Update Existing Schedule.
  5. Delete Existing schedule.
1. Schedule the Availability

You need to select the desired month in the component; only then can the nurses create their schedule. The monthly options would be in a bi-weekly format,

For January: Jan. 2022 1st half , Jan. 2022 2nd half

From the component, nurses can create their own schedule, and after the scheduling, the scheduled records need approval from the respective approver. Then only would it be a valid schedule. Unless the records get approved, they would be in “pending” status.

We are maintaining the nurse availability object to handle the scheduled records of nurses.

2. Access Existing Schedule

Once the nurse has scheduled their availability for the week, they can check the record status as of today from the component itself. Depending on the approver’s decision, the record’s status could be “pending” or “approved.”

The existing data comes from the availability object, and the records are fetched from this object. Also, nurses can make an additional schedule for the remaining weeks or days along with existing records.

3. Record Status Badge

The record’s status is displayed as a badge, depicting whether it has already been approved or is still in pending status.

4. Update Existing Schedule

If the nurse already had a schedule, they may not follow it in some cases; in that case, they can update the existing record to a different time as per their preference.

5. Delete Existing Schedule

If the nurse is not available at the scheduled time, they can delete the existing schedule in the component itself by clearing the input value.

Schedule Appointment

Using this component, patients can find nearby nurses at a time that is convenient for them, and then they can schedule an appointment with the nurse. The actual appointment will be created on a third-party site that maintains the appointment details.

The component can be accessed from here, Opportunity Record  Schedule Appointment(Button)

Note: The contact record’s type should be “Patient,” and it must also be a child for an opportunity contact role.

Component Structure

Component Features

  1. Schedule an Appointment with a Nurse.
  2. Nurse Status.
1. Schedule an Appointment with a Nurse

When the patient searches for a nearby nurse, then the nurse list will be shown in the component if the nurses are available at the given time, and as mentioned earlier, only the approved nurse records will be fetched and displayed.

From the nurse list, one can select a nurse and schedule an appointment, and the appointment will get created on a third-party platform.

To make an appointment, the patient should have some basic information available, such as

  • PatientId (From third-party site)
  • Treatment address
  • Region

The nurse also needs to have the following information to make a schedule,

  • Nurse Id (From third-party site)
  • Exam Id (From third-party site)
  • Address
2. Nurse Status

Nurse status is a mere representation of nurses’ availability, whether they are at a patient location or not. If the nurse is at the patient’s location or with another patient, then the respective nurse’s status will be shown as a warning badge. From this badge, the patient can know the status of the nurse, which is that they already have an appointment with another patient.