Healthcare Management System

This client handles patient data, stores it, and schedules doctor appointments. They also maintain surgical instruments, room reservations, doctor appointment schedules, operation schedules, and medicine indentation information.

Solution and Approach

Our team read the functional requirements and built a solution on Health Cloud. Health Cloud that would synchronize data, provide self-service options, and create actionable insights. The essential features available include patient tracking and checking appointment status.

  • Tracking of Hospital Beds and Medical Equipment
  • Tracking of Patients
  • Patient Information System
  • Indoor Navigation for Patients and Visitors

Tracking of Hospital Beds and Medical Equipment:

Sometimes, patients or doctors might want to find hospital beds and equipment. This kind of feature might be helpful in this system. Beacons attached to devices enable the devices to be seen and tracked on a map of each site.

A breakdown by type is also possible to find essential devices quickly.

Tracking of Patients

Patients equipped with wearable beacons can be identified and found. In addition, we can find the patient by using their address.

Patient Information System

This feature is about viewing patient details from anywhere. Location-related and other data can be transmitted to the patient. This allows the patient to find out about their treatment status, treatments, or the hospital itself.

As for this use case, we can fetch the patient details from the respective EHR platform. To achieve this, we can use the contact object to store the patient records in Salesforce, and by using these records, we can fetch data from the EHR system.

By using rest callout we can get the data from the EHR system. 

Indoor Navigation for Patients and Visitors

The patient or visitor can be directed within the facility’s buildings to the desired location via an application.

As this is a location-based feature, we can use the google API features to achieve this. Mostly this process would be address-based navigation, so we can use the geolocation-based field to do this.

As for the google API, we can use the distance matrix API to find the location, and then we can also use google maps for the directions.

Inventory Management of medical Assets

The status of a device or asset can be determined by providing beacons and defining areas. For instance, it is possible to check surgical instruments’ inventory or sterilization cycle.

We can store these kinds of details in Salesforce and then use the records to show the results efficiently.