Students Community Portal

Use Cases

Our client wanted students to be able to manage their data, achievements, and others, as well as communicate with one another, without having to log into Salesforce.

Our Approach

After analyzing the requirements, our team built a solution on the SFDC community cloud.We created Lightning Web Components for the Student Leaderboard, Student Badge, and Student Profiles .

The students can select several courses, and a badge of level zero automatically gets inserted initially. As and when they complete a course, their badge level will increase, which can go up to six. Those students who have already completed certain levels can help others attain the same.

 The following LWC components were used

  • Student Profile 
  • Student Badge 
  • Student Leaderboard
  • Student Course Connection Forum
  • Student Search Topics

Component features

1. Student Profile

This component displays the logged-in user’s basic profile information and the number of courses they have completed, a badge icon representing level and credit achievement, and sessions completed for the student profile.

2. Student Badge

Each course is worth a certain number of points. Students will have their points tallied up, putting them at a certain level. This custom component displays to the user their current level, current points, points needed to achieve the next level, and the logo of the current level they are on.

3. Student Leaderboard

The page that contains Student Leader board data is accessible based on the number of points attained, and if allowed, students could click a member’s name, which sends a chat request.

4. Student Course Connection Forum

This is a custom component that will link directly to the forum for currently enrolled or completed student courses.

The goal is for the user to quickly navigate to forums related to courses they are currently enrolled in or have completed to increase engagement with the Courses Program.

5. Student Search Topics

A custom component to find or search for students who have completed or been certified on a given topic or course. Whoever has completed the courses shows up on the list, and we can message them directly.

Notifications Emails

When a student reaches a new level, the organization sends an email congratulating them on their achievement. The Salesforce email templates from the Salesforce org were used to accomplish this.