Webinar Creation

Use Cases

Our client handles Webinar data, stores it, and schedules for a person. They want us to create a webinar using Salesforce in a client application. We also need to retrieve the information from the client application if any new webinar is added. They also want us to store attendee’s information in Salesforce.

Solution and Approach

It is a lightning web component that is used for creating an event in both Salesforce and the application. This component has the required fields to be added to the event. It also has the start time and end time of the webinar.

Update an Event

The update event is the same as the create event, except that when we update the webinar, it does not create a new webinar in the client application. 

Creating an Attendee

We have a standard object called contact, the people associated with Accounts that you market to, sell to, support, etc. We create a junction object to connect the created webinar and the contact for assigning an attendee to a webinar. A single webinar has many attendees, and an attendee can be assigned multiple webinars.

Import Attendee

Import attendee is a feature that allows us to assign a bulk of attendees to a single webinar at a time. We have Excel data that has a list of attendees in it. In the import process, we will use the excel data to create an attendee.

Webinar Analytics

The Webinar analytics page is a dashboard page that has a detailed explanation of the webinar. It has various sections that give a clear view of the webinar.

The sections are

  2. Peak Views
  3. Total time watched
  4. Average time watched

Event Reminder

A single attendee may be assigned to multiple webinars. So it is tough for the attendees to find which webinar is happening on which date. We can overcome this by using a reminder for the webinar on the exact date.

Attendee Management

In attendee management, we have the exact track of the individual attendee. The webinar that he had registered for, the polls he had answered and the Q&A.