Care Observation in HealthCloud

The care observation represents the observed values for care metrics originating from external systems that contain biometric data. It is used for getting observed medical data from the patient, including steps taken, heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned, and other vital metrics. The imported data is then seamlessly incorporated into Salesforce Health Cloud, empowering healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ fitness progress remotely, analyze trends, identify potential health risks, and provide personalized care.

While creating a care observation record,  we need related object records to manipulate the patient observed data.

Related object records for care observation:

  • Care Metric Targets
  • Unit of Measure
  • Code set
  •  Asset

Code set

Code sets define the metrics that providers monitor in patients, for example, blood sugar, cholesterol level, and amount of exercise.

Unit of Measure

Units of measure to use with code sets for monitoring healthcare metric

For example, to monitor a patient’s amount of exercise, create a unit of measure called Hours Per Week


        Asset is a device or  product, its represent the items that your company sells, assets represent the specific products your customers have purchased.

Care Metric Targets:

Care metric targets represent health care goals.

Care metric targets that care coordinators can use as a starting point when creating targets for specific patients.

Care Coordinators can personalize care metric targets for each patient, making it easy to correlate care metrics and identify healthcare gaps.

  • Go to the App launcher for creating Care metric targets.

Click New button to create a New “Care Metric Target” and update all required fields.

  •  If the Code field is not listed in the list, then create a new code for that particular field and enter all required fields.
  • Update start and End date and select “ Type”  for creating a New Care Metric Targets.


If you select MIN, MAX, or EXACT, enter a numeric value for the care metric target.

If you select RANGE, enter upper limit and lower limit values.

If you select BOOLEAN, select Outcome Positive

The New Care Metric Target record has been created.

Care Observation record for patient view.