Patient Detail Configuration

Health cloud package offers a patient details component which includes the options to create a care plan and show the care plan details with patient related records. As for the patient detail component it contains 2 more components. We can access the patient related components separately or combined.

The patient detail component includes,

  • Patient info.
  • Patient navigation.

Patient Info component:

The patient info component will show the basic details of the patient like name, gender.

Patient navigation component:

  • The patient navigation component will help you to access the care plan records.
  • It allows us to create the care plan and related records like care plan tasks, care plan Goals kind of things.
  •  You can access essential patient records using this component. We can see the other records directly from the patient record page like care gabs, timeline records.

To see the all care plan records which are related to the patient, click the All care plan option.

Note: Record navigation from the component supports only from the console app. Please make sure you  are  working on the Health cloud lightning console app.

To see household, check household option

We can also edit the care plan records or we can create task or goal records from here. Also we can see the timeline records which are related to the patient.

Using the navigation component we can create a new care plan. When you create a care plan we can access the care plan template you created.

If you want you can select the existing care plan template  otherwise you can create the blank

care plan.