Custom Actions in CPQ

     The CPQ has the standard actions on the quote line page. Sometimes, we may need to add custom actions to that page for different functionality. So, CPQ offers a specific feature for custom actions. By using the custom action feature, we can add the custom button to the quote line page.

Step 1: Go to the Custom Action tab → Create a new custom action

        Use the following values to create a record,

        Name – Test Custom Action

        Display Order – 10

        Type – Button

        Active – true

        Brand Button – true

        Page – Quote Line Editor

        Location – Quote/Group

        Label – Add Bundles

        Action – Add Products

        Custom Action provides multiple actions, such as adding products, adding favorites, and upgrading assets. We have to configure the action record accordingly

Step 2: Once you save the record the Custom Action button will be visible on the quote line page.

Step 3: It will display all the products as we don’t have any action filters. So, we have to create a custom action filter record.

Open the Custom Action record and go to the Related List tab. From there, create a search filter record.

Use the following values to create a record,

Filter Name – Filter 1

Target Object – Product

Target Field – Product Code

Operator – equals

Display Order – 10

Filter Value – 4KVIDEOCAM

Action – Test Custom Action

Step 4: Now we have configured the filter record. Next go to the quote record and click the edit lines button. It will show the custom action buttons we created.

Step 5:
 Click the Add Bundles button. It will show the products based on the filter record we created.