Salesforce CPQ: Quote Term

A quote term record signifies a singular element of the comprehensive terms and conditions intended for inclusion in the proposal. CPQ consolidates these individual quote terms into a block that can be positioned anywhere in the template, such as directly preceding the signatures section.

A fundamental quote term includes the text of your term in the Body field, visible in all quote templates employing this term. Additionally, conditions can be specified in the Term Conditions Related list. Salesforce CPQ reviews these conditions to ascertain whether the quote term is displayed on a quote document.

In order to display your term on a quote document, you must have a quote template that incorporates a template content record with the type set to quote terms. During the generation of a quote document, Salesforce CPQ incorporates all quote terms without conditions and includes terms where a condition aligns with the conditions of the quote.

Note: Salesforce CPQ does not create whitespace for repeated carriage returns when it renders the quote term on an output document.

quote contains the following terms. Each line represents a unique quote term record associated with your template’s quote term content record.

  1. Main Services Agreement
  2. Definitions
  3. Services
  4. Use of the Services
  5. Fees and Payments for Services
  6. Proprietary Rights
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Warranties and Disclaimers

The following steps are used to create a “quote term” record.
Step 1: Go to the App Launcher and click “Salesforce CPQ” and select “Quote term.” Update all the required fields to create a new “Quote term” record.

Finally, the quote term record has been created.

Step 2: We can change the quote term record. We can use “Modify Terms.”

To modify the terms of a quote, navigate to the quote record and choose “Modify Terms,” which will direct you to the Modify Quote Terms page. Select a template to view all associated terms, and click on the text box of a term to make edits.

When you edit a term, a new quote term record is generated with the following attributes:

  • The type is set to modified.
  • The standard term is linked to the original term that was modified.
  • The quote is linked to the quote where the term was modified.
  • The original term populates its Modified Terms Related list with a link to the modified term record. The term’s body contains the edited text from your quote record.

Upon generating the quote with modified terms, Salesforce QTC adheres to the template layout, except for one alteration: it substitutes the edited term with the term created during the “Modify Terms” selection.

Step 3: Go to the “modify terms” list and update all required fields to change the quote record.

Finally, we have created a modified term record.

Step 4: Quote term condition

Employ quote term conditions to selectively include or exclude a quote term and its subterms based on specific criteria. These conditions can be established using a summary variable or any quote field. Utilize this functionality when your sales representatives are dealing with products that necessitate additional terms, such as a substantial power generator requiring supplementary liability information.

We can create a quote term condition for that particular quote term record.

Go to the related list, click the new “Quote condition,” and update all required fields to create a new record.

Note: We can assign any one field, weather tested field, or tested variable while creating a new record in the term condition.

Salesforce CPQ assesses this condition each time it produces a quote document that incorporates the specified quote term. If the condition is determined to be true, Salesforce CPQ incorporates the designated quote term in the generated quote document. To configure this, utilize the following term condition fields:

  • Tested Field: Select a quote field for evaluation based on your condition.
  • Tested Variable: Specify a summary variable if you wish to compare the tested field against a variable.
  • Operator: Choose a logical operator for the evaluation of this condition by Salesforce CPQ.
  • Value: Input a value if you intend to compare the tested field against a specific absolute value.

If we can assign tested variable values, we can select a pick list value, or we can create a new tested variable value and update all required fields.

Finally, we have created a quote term condition record.