Quote Templates in CPQ

Quote Templates is the CPQ feature that allows you to customize the quote document. Using these Quote templates, we can modify the labels, document width and height, etc. Also, it allows us to change the font styles and shading colors in the quote document.

In this blog, we can modify the quote document by using a few options from quote templates,

  • Go to the Quote Templates tab and create a new record.

Template Name – customize Quote Template

Deployment Status – In Development

Use the following data for the record,

Page Information:

Header and footer:

Section titles:

Style information:

Group style information:

  • Once you create the record, create a quote record.

Create a quote line record for the quote record you created.

Click the preview document button in the quote record.

Select the quote template you created. Then click the preview button.

You will see the result that is visible in the popup. You can check from there whether your quote template values are applied to the document or not.