Send Customer Notification using Flow

Custom Notification

In Salesforce, a Custom Notification is a powerful feature that allows you to send custom, in-app notifications to users or groups of users. These notifications are typically used to inform users about important events or updates within the Salesforce application.

Custom notifications can be sent via a process in Process Builder, a Flow in Flow Builder, or the Invocable Action API when any important event occurs. This feature proves to be exceptionally valuable for keeping users informed about any alterations or updates made to a record.

Step 1:

Navigate to the “Setup” menu, then search for “custom notification.” Click on the “New” button to create a custom notification type.

Step 2:

  • Go to “Setup,” then use the quick find search to locate “Flow.” Click on “Flow.”
  • Click on the “New” button, and from the options, select “Record-Triggered Flow,” then click”Create.e”
  • Select the “Opportunity” object and configure when this flow should execute. Choose the option “A record is updated.”
  • Set the entry condition to “Amount changed = TRUE.”

Storing the API Name is done using the OwnerID collection variable.

Step 3:

        Select the ‘Assignment’ element by clicking on the (+) icon, then input the account owner ID into the OwnerID’s variable.

Step 4:

To retrieve records, click on the (+) icon and select the ‘Get Records’ element. Then, choose the ‘Custom Notification Type’ object and apply a filter condition (DeveloperName = CustomNotificationTypeName).

To continue, choose the ‘Action’ element by clicking the (+) icon. In the action search box, enter ‘custom notification,’ and then select ‘Send Custom Notification’ from the results.

Step 5:

Complete all the mandatory fields as shown in the screenshot below, and then click ‘Done’.

Now, it’s time to put your awesome flow to the test. Simply update the ‘Amount’ field on an opportunity record, and you’ll see that the account owner will receive the custom bell notification, just like it’s shown in the screenshot below.