Translation on CPQ

You can specify which parts of key CPQ objects are translated. When you translate a record, you define the text fields’ translated values only for that record. That way, you can have different translations for unique records across the same object. Salesforce CPQ stores the translated values in a localization record.

         If the record’s user locale is different, then the quote document will show the specific field values as the user’s locale language.

Step 1: Create a quote record.

Step 2: Create quote line records.

Step 3: Go to the product record you selected in the quote line. Click the translate button.

Step 4: It will redirect to the translation page. On the translation page, we have to configure the field values for the translation.

Select translation output language – German

Step 5: Give the translated values for the specific field that needs to be translated.

Step 6: Once you save the translation record, the localization record will be created for the selected fields. If you assign the translated value to two fields, two localization records will be created for those fields.