Web Chatter in salesforce service cloud

Web Chat
Salesforce web chat is a Salesforce feature that allows users to communicate with support agents via the web. Some customers prefer quick chats to phone calls or mail when communicating with the company. This is why Salesforce provides web chat to meet the needs of customers.

Steps to setup a live web chat in our org:

1. Click the gear icon and select service setup.

2. Click view all from the recommended setup tab.

3. From the quick find box enter chat with customers and then click it.

4. Click start and then create a chat queue. Select the users you want to add in the queue and then click next.

5. Create a routing configuration for your chat and then click next.

6. Add the website url where you want to add your chat and click next.

7. Link the chats with the objects you want and then click next.

8. Then click Next, and you will have generated code. Copy and paste the code where you want to add it.

9. Then click next and done
10. Click the gear icon and select the Visualforce page.

11. From the quick find box enter the visualforce page and then click it.
12. Click new and create a new visualforce page by pasting the code we have copied.

13. Preview the Visualforce page, and you will see a screen chat with the agent. Click it.

14. Go to your service console page and change the status to available.
15. You will see a chat box. Enter the required information in it and click start chatting.

16. You will receive the new request for chatting with the customer. Accept the request.

17. Then we can chat with the customer.