Queue based routing in salesforce


Omni-Channel is one of the tools provided by Salesforce that automatically assigns work to support agents in sales or service consoles. It will assign incoming work items to the available and qualified support agents based on criteria.

There are three types of Omni-Channel routing.

1. Queue-Based Routing

2. Skill-Based Routing

3. External Routing

Queue-Based Routing
In queue-based routing, the work has been pushed to the queue. Then the work will be assigned to those who are in the queue.

Steps to create an Queue-Based Routing

1. Click the gear icon and select Setup.

2. From the quick find box enter Omni-Channel Settings and then click on it.

3. Enable Omni-Channel and click save.
4. Then enter the service channel in the quick find box and click on it.

5. Then click new and create a new service channel with case object

6. Click save.
7. After that enter routing configurations in the quick find box and click on it.

8. Click new and create a new routing configuration by entering the values in the   required input fields.
9. Then click save.

10. Enter the queue in the quick find box and click on it.

11. Click new and create a new queue with the routing configuration, we created before with the users you need to add for the work.

12. Then click the save button.

13. After that enter presence configurations and click new, then enter the required information and click save.

14. Enter presence status and click new.
15. Enter the required information in the input fields in the status options, then click the online check box.

16. In the service section add the queue which we created before and then click save.
17. Repeat the same step and this time choose the busy option instead of the online option in the status section.
18. In the quick find box enter profile and click it.
19. Click the profile you want to enable Service Presence Status Access.

20. Click edit and add the Service Presence Statuses which we created before.

21. After that go to the App manager and edit the app you want to add to the omni-channel.
22. Click on utility items and add a omni-channel using a button add utility item
23. Then click save.

24. Now whenever a record is created and the owner of the record is changed to the queue we created then the queue will automatically assign the work to the user we added in the queue.