Care plan in Health cloud

A care plan gives the healthcare team a history of the patient and the progress or challenges related to their health. A care plan can have any number of problems, goals, and tasks that you can track from the person’s tab in the console. You can also manage the associated team of professional and personal caregivers from a care plan.

A care plan consists of four major components:

  • Problem
  • Task
  • Goal
  • Care Team


Problems are health issues that range from a specific diagnosis to more general conditions. Problems are identified through many sources: the primary care physician, a lab test, an issue reported by the patient or member, a diagnosis, or a stage of a disease.

Problems and goals create a strategy for managing a person’s unique set of medical needs and life circumstances.


Goals are the patient objectives that help achieve an improved outcome for a problem. A problem can have multiple goals.


Tasks are specific measurable actions toward the goals to mitigate the associated problem. So the person with arthritis whose goal is to keep or increase range of motion could have a task to attend physical therapy sessions. Tasks have fields that show priority, due date, status, and who the task is assigned to. When a task is accomplished, you update the percent complete in the associated goal.

Care Team:

Care Team members are a focused group of caregivers who are responsible for the successful completion of tasks related to a care plan. Every care plan includes a Care Team subtab for easy access to the key players in your patient’s team of professional and non-professional caregivers. Use this tab to perform functions such as adding a member, deleting a member, or assigning someone a new task.

The following steps are used for creating a care plan.

Step 1: Go to a Person account and create a new care plan for that particular patient and update all required details.

Every case record has a goal, problem , task and care team.

Step 2: Create a New Goal for that case and update all required fields.

Create a New Problem for that case.

Finally we create a Goal and Problem has been created.

Step 3: Create a New Task for that case and update all required fields. The timeline is used for view the task details

Step 4: Create a new care team. The care team has two parts.

  • Internal users
  • External users

Add a care team member:

Care plan view from patient record.