Cross Object Relationship-Health Cloud

Relationships between objects in Health Cloud determine sharing, required fields in page layouts, and which fields are available when you create a patient or member list.

Cross object relationships facilitate filtering patient or member lists by fields on separate but related objects.

There are 3 types of relationship in Salesforce,

  • Master-detail relationship
  • Lookup relationship
  • Self-relationship

The following steps are used for creating a Cross object relationship

Step 1: Go to app launcher and select “Cross object relationship”.

Step 2: Click new for creating cross object relationship and update all required fields.

  • Go to Health cloud lightning console app → Patient Object

           Create a New list for patient object

  •  In that filter list, it shows the cross object relationship records as we created

  • Then update the customized display field, we select the fields, that fields only shows in the list view.

After that we will give the Name of the list view.

Filter Criteria

The List view records are shown in the filter criteria object as we created from the patient object. Target specific data records for masking to meet business requirements and security goals.

The filter Criteria is used for

  • Reduce the time taken to mask a sandbox by anonymizing only selected data.
  • Gain finer grained control over your Data Masking configuration.
  • Incrementally mask newly added data, saving time.

Final view of the Patient list view based on filter condition.