Outlet_attribute in CPQ

The outlet attribute on cpq is nothing but, Sometimes, a configuration attribute is closely related to options in a specific feature. For example, our Smartwatch bundle has a feature for charging options. AW Computing wants to offer wall chargers to customers located across the globe, but that means supporting a variety of outlet standards.

Step 1: 
Go to setup →object manager →product option. Create a new picklist field.

        Field Label – Outlet Standard

        For Values – choose Outlet Standard from the global picklist values.

Step 2: Go to setup →object manager →Configuration Attribute → field and relationship.

Step 3: Select the Target Field and edit the field. Include the Outlet_Standard__c value in the picklist values.

Step 4: Go to the Products tab → select smartwatch → Related Tab

Step 5: Create a new configuration attribute. Click Next to leave the record type as a configuration attribute.

        Attribute Name – Outlet Standard.

Target Field – Outlet_Standard__c.

Required – True

Row Order -10

Feature – find and choose Charging Options

Hidden Values – TypeL

TypeL is for hiding the Italy option from the product configuration page.

Step 6: Finally go to the Quote Record – Q-00045. Click the Edit Lines Button. Then add the smartwatch product. You will see the outlet attribute option.

Note: If you want to restrict the outlet attribute values being shown on the product page, you can control this by editing the outlet standard record you created. You can include the values that need to be visible on the page.

Once you add it, you will see the additional picklist options.